Club Agreement



At FFC Fitness Fight Club ("FFC," "our" or "we"), we have adopted policies, procedures, rules and regulations ("policies") designed to provide for the safe, enjoyable and healthy use of our premises and events by our members and guests.

These code of conduct and rules apply to the Member’s (“your” or “you”) conduct on our premises, which include its club and all outdoor areas, including its parking lots, sidewalks, and stairs ("premises"). They also apply to your conduct during its programs, training, events or other FFC-­­sponsored activities off the premises ("events"). If you violate any of these policies, your membership or centre access may be suspended or terminated. Our decision on all questions regarding construction or interpretation of these policies is final.

We may change these policies at any time without notice in our sole discretion. The Member may find the most recent version of these policies at As a Member or guest of FFC, you are responsible to review and comply with these policies at all times.


    1. Proper Conduct. We strive to uphold a safe, fun, family-­­oriented environment. As such, we expect proper, respectful conduct on the premises at all times. We do not permit disrespectful conduct toward members, guests, employees ("team members") or vendors, including but not limited to vulgar, profane, indecent, offensive, violent, hostile, aggressive, threatening, harassing, stalking, fraudulent, or other inappropriate conduct or language.

    2. Weapons. The Member may not bring or use weapons of any kind on the premises for any reason.

    3. Proper Attire. Members must wear proper attire at all times, including T-­­shirts and shoes, unless notified by FFC’s management in a specific area and or classes.

    4. FFC’S Stickers. As a Member, you may not enter the club without your membership sticker, which you must present to the front desk upon entry. If you lose your membership sticker, you may have to pay a fee to replace it. Please destroy your membership sticker on your last day of access

    5. Private lockers. The Member can rent private lockers on the prevailing monthly fees which may change from time to time. Lockers monthly fees must be paid in advance and lockers are not transferable.

    6. Personal Belongings. The Member must store all workout bags and personal belongings in a locker. Be sure that your locker is secured before you leave it. You must keep your locker key with you at all times without exception, including while showering; do not leave your locker key unattended at any time, such as by pinning it to a towel. You may use our lockers only while you are on the premises. You may not leave any personal belongings in a locker overnight. Do not bring or store any valuables on the premises, including watches, jewellery or large amounts of cash. Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle. Be sure your vehicle is locked. We are not liable or responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property, whether from lockers, vehicles or other locations on the premises. Please inquire in person at the reception desk for lost articles that may have been found.

    7. Injuries. If you are injured while on the premises, please seek immediate assistance from a FFC fight team member for assistance.

    8. Physical Examination. We strongly encourage that you have a complete physical examination prior to beginning any new exercise, classes, personal training or nutrition program.

    9. Training Services. Our personal training services include instruction, coaching, advice, lessons or demonstration concerning physical exercise, physical fitness, exercise strategies, nutrition, fitness products, fitness equipment and other fitness-­­related activities by coaches, teaching pros, personal trainers, nutrition or other instructors ("personal training"). Personal training services are available to members, typically for a fee per session, upon completion of this Agreement.

    10. No Personal Training by Student Members or Guests. You may not solicit or conduct on the premises any personal training as defined above, with or without compensation. FFC retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in personal training.

    11. Solicitation. Unless expressly authorized by FFC’s management, the Member may not solicit-­­ whether in person or in writing-­­any members, guests or team members on the premises or during off-­­premises events, including but not limited to solicitations for political or religious purposes, media interviews, business opportunities, or competitive products or services.

    12. Phones. You may not use phones during class. Please use common courtesy when using cell phones in other areas of the centre.

    13. Photography. You may not take photographs or video on the premises without first seeking approval of the management.

    14. Food. The Member may not bring food into the centre, but you may bring clear non-­­alcoholic liquids in spill free, unbreakable bottles.

    15. Alcohol. The Member may not consume alcohol on the premises or use our equipment, services or programs while under the influence of alcohol.

    16. Drugs. The Member may not use, possess or sell any illegal drug on the premises, including but not limited to anabolic steroids or other illegal growth-­­enhancing substance. You may not use our equipment, services or programs while under the influence of illegal drugs. You should not use, or should stop using, any Equipment, service or program if your prescription medication adversely impacts or influences your ability to safely use it.

    17. Smoking. The Member may not smoke, chew or use any other tobacco products on our premises including any outdoor areas (e.g., sidewalks or stairs), or at FFC’s events.

    18. Club Closure or Access Restrictions. We reserve the right to close or restrict access, without advance notice, to any area of or the entire club or premises for any reason, including but not limited to closures or restrictions related to construction, remodelling, repair, or maintenance (whether planned or unplanned) or for health or safety reasons, including but not limited to weather, natural disasters, power outages, and medical issues. Your obligation to pay membership dues is not dependent upon usage, availability or access to the club.

    19. Illness. The Member may not enter the premises if you have a contagious illness that may be transferred through ordinary use of our equipment, services or programs. You must cover exposed lesions or rashes.

    20. Animals. The Member may not bring any animal on our premises.

    21. Damage to Club. The Member may not damage the club in any way, including but not limited any damage to, or thee of, exercise equipment, supplies or other property, such as jump ropes. If you, or your guest, damage the centre and/or any of its equipment and facilities provided by FFC, you must be responsible to pay for the damages.

    22. Non-­­members. Excluding Youth, Junior Academy, Couple package, Cooperate Members, Single members and its programs, services, Amenities, benefits, programs, classes, events, are for Members only or guests of members as permitted by our Guest Policy. Non-­­members who wish to use FFC must sign in or register at the front desk by executing an assumption of risk and waiver/release of liability agreement prior to entry onto the premises.


FFC offers various memberships. Our membership levels, prices, fees, amenities, benefits, programs, classes, events amenities are subject to change. FFC retains complete control over all matters affecting or relating to its Members or memberships, including but not limited to any documentation or information that may be required of Members or guests such as proof of joint financial obligations, cohabitation, familial/ guardianship status, age, or residency.

  1. Payments and Fees. We collect class/course Fees. Fees are subject to change by FFC at the end of each contract term of this agreement. In the event of a change in fees, FFC may provide any notice required by law by regular mail or by email to the address(es) associated with the membership.

  2. Student Membership Changes and Information. Subject to applicable restrictions, you may make changes to or obtain information about your membership after you have joined FFC, such as changing your membership, adding or removing personal details, you must make membership changes or request membership information in person at the club, not by phone, email, fax or online. To make a change to or obtain information about your membership, please visit our Front Desk.

  3. Confidentiality. Members may not obtain membership information upon request other than as provided above. Specifically, without valid legal process, members or guests may not obtain other private, confidential, Privileged and/or proprietary internal business information, including but not limited to incident reports, video surveillance footage, or membership-­­ related photographs. Please direct any subpoena or other legal Process requesting such information to our legal department. We reserve the right to disclose such Information in our sole discretion to aid the law enforcement process or as otherwise required or permitted by Indian Law.

  4. Suspension or Termination. We permit you to suspend or terminate your membership under certain circumstances upon advance written notice.

  5. Freeze. FFC will freeze the portion of the membership affected by medical, business travel or Military purposes only. To freeze your membership you must provide FFC management statement from the treating physician or orders from the military branch of service and or in company letterhead that you are unable to use FFC’s club and or reason of leaving the state. Upon receipt of this statement, FFC will freeze your membership or the balance portion of your membership that has been affected for medical, business and or military purposes through the date designated in the letter from your physician or through the date designated on your military orders and or company. Unless otherwise specified, the freeze period will be for a period of up to 90 days only. After the freeze period of up to 90 days, your membership or the portion of your membership that has been affected will automatically reactivate. FFC does not permit retroactive freezes. If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact FFC management.

  6. Membership Suspension or Termination by FFC. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership, at any time for a failure to comply with these or any of FFC’s general code of conduct, regulations, procedures or policies (which may be amended as necessary), or for conduct we determine to be improper or contrary to our best interests. All and any monies paid before the termination and or suspension will be forfeited.

  7. : We welcome Members (including Guest), to use our online resources, including but not limited to Use of is subject to the use agreement and our online community standards or guidelines. If you violate such agreements, standards or guidelines, your membership or website access may be suspended, blocked or terminated.


  1. Merchandise. Merchandise in new condition with original packaging and tags may be exchanged up to 2 days from the original date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required, such as a receipt. Merchandise must be returned at FFC club, and online purchases may be subject to different refund policies.

  2. Services or Programs. Services or programs may not be cancelled. Where the service or program is or was to be provided, subject to any specific terms and conditions in contracts applicable to the service or program.

  3. Cancelation. FFC’s Membership may not be cancelled.

  4. Forfeit. All monies paid to FFC will be forfeited and all balance due will be collected, unless specify by the management on a case to case basis.


We invite guests to use our club, whether with a member or as walk-­­in visitors to FFC. All guests may obtain 01 trial class and must be accompanied at all times on the premises by either the instructors, FFC fighters and or the coach. We may restrict overall or individual guest privileges or guest use of the club at any time in our sole discretion, including limiting guest use to non-­­peak or open hours, restricting guest use of certain equipment, or to limiting participation to certain scheduled or special programs. Guest classes vary by days. Before each visit, all adult guests must complete and sign a Guest Register and present a valid photo id or government-­­issued identification card (and all guests under sixteen must provide a home phone number), which we use to verify guest information, track guest usage, and market or solicit as permitted by you and/or the law of India.


We offer introductory to pro group class fitness focused on speed (e.g., athletic and choreographed), flexibility, mobility, balance, core and strength. We also offer mind/body classes in our club, including fight yoga (if any).

  1. Reserving Space or Equipment. Any space or equipment that is unoccupied five minutes prior to class is considered available for use by any class participant in the club. The equipment in our club is for use by class participants only upon the instruction of FFC’s Fight team staff.

  2. Class Etiquette. We request that you arrive for class 5 minutes early to prepare your space or equipment (e.g., mat/props, etc.) And, as applicable, sign in. The warm up before the actual class is an important part of Your work out. If you arrive late, please enter the class quietly and appropriately. Because classes are designed as group activities, you should follow the instructor's routines or instructions consistent with your Personal abilities and limits. You must wait for a class to conclude before entering the club to prepare for the Next scheduled class. Please wear appropriate attire and shoes, except no shoes for fight yoga, Muay Thai and MMA classes. You must have a sweat towel for mat work, and may keep spill free, unbreakable water bottles at the perimeter of the club. No other personal effects are permitted in the club. Your phones must be turned off or in silent mode. Phones are strictly not allowed on the fight ground or the red zone. After class, please wipe down and return all equipment to its proper place. Only our Fight team staff may operate the stereo, fans, ventilators and lighting equipment.

  3. Special Fight Yoga Etiquette. To avoid disruption, you should not enter class during opening meditation or leave during the closing resting pose. If you must leave class, please inform the instructor at the outset and do so before the final pose. You may not wear shoes during these classes. You should wear comfortable layered, Stretchable clothes and no heavy jewellery. FFC is a foot wear free zone.


  1. Services. Our personal training services include instruction, coaching, advice, lessons or demonstration concerning physical exercise, physical fitness, exercise strategies, nutrition, fitness products, fitness Equipment and other fitness-­­related activities by personal trainers, nutrition coaches, teaching pros or other Instructors ("personal training"). Personal training services are available to members, typically for a fee per Session. Please visit our front desk for further information.

  2. No Personal Training by Members or Guests. You may not solicit or conduct on the premises any personal training as defined above, with or without compensation. FFC retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in personal training.


  1. Age Limit. You must be at least 5 years old and above to enter and use the fight ground.

  2. Equipment. You must follow all safety procedures for equipment use, including but not limited to using safety clips on equipment and refraining from dropping free weights. If you have any questions about Equipment use, please see our instructors and or fighters to familiarize yourself with its use. You must return or replace Equipment to its original condition when you are not using it, even temporarily. Please wipe down equipment with sanitary wipes before and after use.

  3. Equipment Reservation. You may not reserve equipment for your personal use, such as punching bag, speed ball, tear bags, jump ropes etc., and sign or note unless otherwise permitted (such as immediately prior to a scheduled Group class).

  4. Equipment in Disrepair. If you notice that any equipment is in disrepair, do not use it. Please report it immediately to a FFC fight team member. We are not responsible for injuries sustained while using equipment, even in the event of equipment failure, malfunction or disrepair.

  5. Personal Items. You may not use chalk in the weight area. Unless otherwise permitted (e.g., water bottles), you may not bring or set bags, clothing, food or other items on the equipment or club floor. You may not bring or use cell phones or laptops on the club floor, including specifically while using any equipment.


  1. Severability. These provisions of this agreement are severable and if any provision is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provision and any partially enforceable provisions shall nevertheless be enforceable. FFC’s failure to enforce any remedy or provision in this contract Agreement shall not be constructed as a waiver of such remedy or provision.

  2. Governing law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and the applicable local laws of Karnataka and Bangalore in particular. Each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Bangalore, India, in respect of any dispute, action or proceedings, which may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement.

  3. Integration/Entire agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and cancels and supersedes prior promises, representation, understanding, and/ or agreements between the parties. This agreement may be modified only by and instrument in writing signed by FFC’s management. FFC’s management is solely authorized to correct patent and/or non-­­patent errors in the agreement and other related documents without prior notice to our member of this agreement.


Last updated 18th October 2018